Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Photography Challenge (passage of time/growth)

Challenge Brief:

Passage of Time/Growth 

You can interpret this however you feel- take a series of 3 photos (must be connected or tell a story) Can be B/W or Color (or anything in between) Feel free to tweak them :)

I'm calling this one The Secret Life of Trees.  I decided to use the trees around me to show both the passage of time throughout the trees life and also the growth that takes place each season.  Right now with spring in full bloom it is an excellent chance to see all different stages of life and death in harmony with one another.  I was able to find branches that are bare from winter right next to ones that are just starting to bloom (#1), mature trees that are full with early growth (#2), and then the remnants of trees past (#3).  I decided to use color vs. black and white to make the contrast of life and death even more pronounced and dramatic.  I find that even though #3 is dead it still holds a quiet monochromatic beauty all its own.   Hope you enjoy this series.   


  1. You do realize that if that is a picture of the fire wood we brought you....that I will have to collect royalties when your rich and famous!!LOL Seriously though, love the series...keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Jeremy! That is really sweet and very appreciated.

  3. great series!

    The landscape one is very well done - lovely colors, peaceful scene, yet powerful in a way.

    The branches photo is lovely too although not quite as striking as the landscape one and the chopped wood photo to me - but I like the contrast with bare branches and green leaves and blue sky.

    The chopped wood one is rather dramatic - lots of sharp angles. The big wedge of black almost makes it look like you're staring down into some abyss - that it's more than just wood - it's like a landscape in itself.

    well done!

  4. I love your interpretation of the theme. The blue sky and green leaves are so vivid in the first two photos! I really liek the last one; it is somewhat abstract and very interesting to look at.

  5. Picture #2 reminds me of a Cezanne landscape and #3 reminds me of the death of winter we are in in WI.

  6. I love your interpretation of this series! The first picture is my favorite! The colors are gorgeous. The second one is also great and the third picture is REALLY dramatic! I love the angles and the texture. Great work!

  7. Love that you included the interpretation to it-
    Love the brightness of the blue sky and the green leaves, but not my favorite image- I think maybe because the green branch and the white cloud are in the middle of the picture- but I love the bare branch :)
    Photo #2
    this one makes me jealous as to how warm and springlike it looks down there :) FANTASTIC sky- love the angles of the clouds!
    My fave, by far! I love the simplicity of the color scheme, and the wonderful textures that create the composition- beautiful!!

    (mine are up, by the way- a little late, sorry!)

  8. Yay for getting a blog! They are so handy to have!

    Before I comment on your photos Erin i just wanted to remind you that when you post the link to the challenge (now that you have a blog) make sure that you post the link to the actual blog entry instead of just your blog. You can do that by clicking on the title of your post (you will then be taken to just that post) and the copy and past the address.

    Okay here we go. I think what I loved about this challenge was how everyone seemed to interpret it a little differently than everyone else. These three make a lovely series. As a whole they work together very well. I was impressed to see that you chose to bring the image closer with each picture. If you had had two far away shots and one really close up shot the three would not have worked together as well...your images show not only a progression of time but as a set they give a sense of if the viewer is on a walk walking closer and closer to the trees.

    I love the composition of the first photo and how the shadows are so dark, yet rich with colour.

    The second photo has such a blue sky, but I think the green tree that is in the middle is a bit distracting...I do think, however, that leaving some green in that photo was a strong choice, it helps tie all the images together.

    Another nice, strong composition! In all three photos you have some very dark areas, it too, like the green in the first two photos, helps tie all the images together!

    Wonderful Job Erin!


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