Thursday, April 15, 2010

a wee poem

I have been working with this one off and on for a few months now. I think It's ready to be shared and this is the perfect time to share, since this is national poetry month! If you haven't already guessed im a poetry lover at heart and sometimes when I get really inspired I like to write a little ditty myself here and there. Enjoy.


a coward in my night.

and i'm the secret that you stalk. only, it's no secret you are there. when always i can sense you near. you're stealthy, still and quiet. so why do i always hear you? throbbing warm and deep inside me.

a coward in my night.

and when you're all alone, you sink down into that cozy corner. it's in your mind. that ONE place where you let me live. my corner. favorite refuge from all your fears. safest place for letting your tears. only place you dare take rest. grasp for one, FREE breath. just think.

a coward in my night.

and you would rather have silence, your loyal friend be. and sure, we can pretend it's true to thee. but im no fool and i KNOW you are sitting there. can't help yourself but to think of me. it's really no secret at all.

a coward in your night.

and since you've been gone, i've retreated too. and i know. oh friend. I KNOW. cuz see, in YOUR night im just sunk down safely here. curled up and all alone, in that corner where i let you live. your corner.

clearly, a coward too.

- Erin Jo Chung 2010

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