Friday, November 13, 2009


My Granny and I share a love of unique jewelry and little gems like that in life. Whenever I go to see her I pick out what accessories and jewelry I will wear....thinking the whole time about what she is going to like best. When she was in the hospital I showed up everyday wearing bright scarfs and sporting all my favorite jewelry and she would comment on what she liked what color everything was. We just get a kick out of each other I guess.....inspired by each other's fashion choices. Seems sort of silly to dress up and put so much thought into what I will wear when I go to go see her, but it's fun and I think it brightens her day. So totally worth it, I say!

On one of my visits this summer she was wearing this fabulous turquoise ring and I asked her about it and if I could take her picture with it. She said that her father or grandfather gave it to her years ago. (shucks, my horrible memory fails me here as to which one) But anyway, what really matters is that she has loved it ever since and quite obviously is still pulling this look off like a pro! She looks fabulous in it. I got the very distinct impression that this little turquoise ring was pretty near and dear to her heart and every time she wears it, it has the power to bring back memories of an influential man in her life.

Ahhh the power of a wee turquoise ring! ;)

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  1. Lovely ring and great story. I, too, enjoy a unique jewelry collection and have a few unexpected but appreciated pieces given to me with stories behind them. :)


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